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East Coast Game Night

Hey Invaders, we're testing some virtual event production ideas and would like your help, so we're offering some virtual events for free. Our Nerd Word Game Night has three separate games. The first one is the Google Search Game - we'll give you a word, your goal is to give a word that when searched in conjunction on Google either has the most or least Google search results. Points for most and least results, matching answers get zero points. Game two is Famous Quote Fibbage - we'll give you the name of a famous scientist/technologist and the subject of the quote (e.g. "What Elon Musk said about bananas..."), your job is to make up a quote to fool the other teams into selecting your answer as the correct quote. Everyone's answers along with the correct quote are listed, you get points for fooling othere teeams and points for selecting the correct quote. We can only give you information about two of the three games we'll be playing on these nights; telling you anything about the third will give participants too much of an advantage if they do the research, wo we're going to keep mum on that. We are aware that we said free and it also says $20 per household; $20 is your promise to attend. It's not much, and we think you'll love it but when you show up, you're refunded. When eight households join, the game is confirmed (max 12) - we'll notify you as soon as the limit is hit. The winning household will receive two tickets to future PlaceInvaders Game Nights when we get the kinks all worked out. Katie & Hagan will be in attendance snacking and drinking with y'all and managing the experience - we'll be playing these games for the first time with you, so be gentle. It's free for crissaakes. Looking forward to virtually Invading YOUR HOUSE for once :-)

Paul Klein IV's surprise birthday party

Surprise birthday party for @pk_iv